Saturday, 20 September 2014

家烹古晉乾撈麵 Homecooked Kuching Kolo Mee

Kolo Mee is said to be endemic to Kuching, but its popularity has spread to other towns in Sarawak in the 80’s – 90’s and even across the South China Sea to the West Malaysia as well as Singapore in the recent years. 

Available in two styles, dry or in soup; this ubiquitous curly, springy and oily noodle is part of the Kuchingnites’ lives; they eat Kolo Mee for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and supper!  For those who live abroad like Bunny, flying back from Kuching with a few packets of Kolo Mee in our luggage is a must-do.

There is a saying of “Kolo Mee does not taste like Kolo Mee unless it is eaten in Kuching” – quite true but Bunny dismissed it today with her heavenly tasty home-cooked Kolo Mee.  Many thanks to a friend who recently came back from Kuching and brought Bunny a packet of dried noodle which is for Kolo Mee.

Once all the miscellaneous ingredients are prepared, cooking and tossing of the noodle are relatively easy steps. In Singapore, Wanton noodle is a good substitution for the curly Kolo Mee noodle.  If you are adventurous in trying out this dish at home, you may refer here for details of ingredients and preparation methods.  Like Bunny, you may choose not to make the Cha Siew yourself, just get from the hawker.  Remember to ask for the Cha Siew sauce for adding to the noodle if you fancy slightly sweet version of Kolo Mee.