Sunday, 14 September 2014

客家妹版本的福州紅糟麵綫Hakka Girl’s Version of Foo Chow Ang Chow Mee Sua

Bunny harvested her first batch of homebrewed sweet red glutinous rice wine yesterday.  Like what others normally do to the wine lees (residual from fermented glutinous rice and dead yeast), Bunny turned them into yummy Ang Chow paste for cooking.
Ang Chow Mee Sua (a type of vermicelli) is one of the signature dishes of the Foo Chows, usually served and eaten on birthday, confinement, as well as first day of Chinese New Year.  Bunny personally loves this dish on cold wet evenings but served this for lunch today with two guests over at Bunny's burrow.
(Makes 4 servings)

1 tablespoon of sesame oil
A few slices of old ginger, smashed
5 cloves of garlic, smashed
Spring onion (only the white part)
3 tablespoons of Ang Chow paste
2 teaspoons of sugar
4 chicken legs, each chopped into 3 pieces
120g fresh black fungus
½ cup of rice wine
1 litre of boiling water
Chinese celery (optional)
1 skein of mee sua per serving
Sweet red glutinous rice wine

Directions for Ang Chow Chicken Soup
Heat up wok, fry ginger, garlic and spring onion with sesame oil until golden brown
Add in chicken, fresh black fungus and Ang Chow paste, fry until fragrant
Add sugar, salt and rice wine, fry until chicken is cooked; transfer to a pot if necessary
Pour in boiling water and boil the soup over low heat for about an hour, add salt to flavor if necessary

Directions for Mee Sua

The way to prepare Mee Sua is subjective to personal preference and type of mee sua used.  Bunny usually soaked them in boiling water for about 3 min, drained and dipped in cold water for a few minute to loosen them up and improve their texture.  Drain Mee Sua using a sieve.

Direction for Serving

Put Mee Sua in a bowl, add in Ang Chow Chicken soup followed by some sweet red glutinous rice wine and garnish with Chinese celery.

Bon Appetit!