Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Big Mulberry Jam Cookies 大桑椹果醬曲奇餅

It all began on 9 May 2014, the night when Bunny’s Big Brother came over to give her a tutorial on “big A, small A” (Aperture – still very confused which is which today!) as Bunny has always been fascinated by those pictures with soft-soft dreamy-dreamy effect.  Big Brother left his macro lens and tripod with Bunny, before he went home that night, he said to Bunny “…so tomorrow, you bake some cookies, put them in a plate, focus on the one in the centre and shoot.”


These fast and easy big cookies (6cm diameter) were sandwiched using mulberry jam made by Bunny's Mama.

Bunny’s Papa is an expert in growing mulberries.  Homegrown mulberries, this picture was taken by Mama back in May.

Cookies in the making, Bunny received a message from Big Brother saying she could have the lens and tripod for good (think he made this an excuse to get more toys for himself).  Yiippee!!!

Can you guess who ate most of these?