Saturday, 30 August 2014

終於開張了!Finally Launched!

籌備了幾個星期後,兔的第一個公開部落格終在中秋節以前開張了。 今天,兔窩裏獨一無二的隨季節變化性黑板畵也“換季”了!
After weeks of preparation, Bunny’s first public blog is finally launched, just before Mid-Autumn Festival.  Today, the unique seasonal blackboard painting in Bunny’s Burrow has also been updated! 
Bunny moved into her new little burrow on 8 January 2014.  With help and support from Bunny’s family members, Bunny’s Burrow has turned into a little cozy home in no time.  Since then, beautiful things happened in her little burrow almost every weekend.  This blog will serve as a journal, in which Bunny keeps records and notes on things she made.   Bunny looks forward to having readers peeping into Bunny’s Burrow regularly and follow development of new tales in it!
Wishing everyone Happy Mid-Autumn Festival in advance!